As a programming, computer networking and Linux enthusiast, I often come across interesting quirks and overcome various challenges, and thus gain experiences worth sharing with others. Mainly for this purpose, I decided to set up this blog.

When it comes to programming languages and related technologies, I would say that I am quite proficient with Linux, IPv6, C and Python (OOP, Dependency Injection, asyncio, pytest, Flask), and I have some experience with SQL (MySQL, MariaDB), Java (mainly in terms of Android development), PHP, HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), JavaScript, Docker and Git.

I often publish my projects on GitHub as open-source under the 3-clause BSD license – some of the more advanced ones are listed on my website, I also held a talk about one of those projects, the Tundra NAT64/CLAT/SIIT translator, at the Seminář IPv6: deset let poté conference in Prague, and I am open to the possibility of holding some more talks in the future.

As of late 2022, I am attending the last grade of a grammar school in Czechia, and I plan on to study at a university after graduating.

This blog is maintained using Jekyll, an open-source (MIT-licensed) static site generator.